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Hamza Meddeb (European Council on Foreign Relations) : Europeans can radically alter the terms of debate by offering Tunisia membership of the European Economic Area


Daniel Schily (Democracy International) : In North Africa's New and Struggling Democracy, EU Membership Could Make All the Difference

21/12/2015 - Four years ago, in Germany’s newspaper for intellectuals, Die Zeit, the prominent author Gero von Randow called for Tunisia to be granted membership in the European Union. Today, we Europeans should be scratching our heads about why we haven’t already asked.

Gero von Randow (Die Zeit) : What if Tunisia entered the EU?

11/05/2011 - One of the feathers of the German weekly newspaper Die Zeit (Hamburg) considers that Tunisians have as much place in the community as the Cypriots or Portuguese. Tunisia could become the bridgehead of the Democrats in the region, from Morocco to Iran, if it were to become a member of the European Union.

Sylvain Kahn (Sciences Po) : Let us suggest that Tunisia join the EU

02/03/2011 - The aim is to strengthen the emerging state of law, the dynamism of the population and a social market economy free from nepotism, corruption and predatory monopolies. A generous, bold, sustainable and responsible commitment. Such a policy would be most relevant at all levels: idealism, interest, geopolitical realism.

Pierre Beckouche (Ipemed) : What if Tunisia entered the EU?

31/01/2011 - If it confirms its entry into the circle of democratic countries, Tunisia is a potential candidate for accession to the European Union: the Copenhagen criteria are no longer out of reach; Tunisia is a country as "European" and even more European than many countries of the EU themselves in terms of its economic geography.

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